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Toyot Noah Hybrid

Exceptionally Functional

A 7 seater MPV

Toyota Noah Hybrid 2019 portray itself as a functional and efficient transporter, perfect for both family and commercial purposes. Operation has never been easier with just a few touches, allowing fast transformation to your desired seating arrangement.

Toyota Noah Hybrid Video

Ultimate Comfort

With the long slider designed for Toyota Noah, passengers can enjoy their long travel with luxurious leg space and extreme comfort. For children, an extended height to max 1400 mm is realised for easy boarding and fully standing in the car.

Toyota Noah Long Slider

Toyota Noah Accessories

Utmost Convenience

Toyota Noah comes with a variety of accessories compartment that offers both the driver and passengers the ease of use and convenience. Including a retractable center box, shopping hook, folding side table, deck trim bottle holder, to name a few.

Designed With Dignity


Toyota believe and promise in delivering quality and uniqueness in every product, with no exception with the Toyota Noah Hybrid.

noah hybrid X front symbol mark.jpg

Individual Identity

With the unique symbol specially designed for Toyota Noah, an unmistakably appearance has been formed together with its distinctive coloured plated grille, that matches the colour of the body.

Toyota Noah Front Grille

Toyota Noah Front Grille


Toyota Noah has remarked a synergy between ecology and ride comfort. Optimal driving performance has been achieved.

noah hybrid X hybrid system.jpg

Enhanced Hybrid System

1. By adopting Atkinson cycle, the cooled EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation system) and electric water pump, fuel economy of 23.8km/L is realized.

2.Optimum control of current

3. Enhanced transmission efficiency for low fuel consumption

4. Compact and high perfomance

Pure Serenity

Apart from the high sound insulation glass adopted for the windshield glass, a side pane is being devised as one of the wind reduction measures, to promote quietness in Toyota Noah. In addition, a partial adhesive film is added to the dash silencer and a seal is newly attached under the slide door to ensure excellent sound insulation.

Toyota Noah High Sound Insulation Glass


Toyota Noah adopted Toyota Safety Sense C, with the monocular camera and laser detection sensor, lowers the chances of accidents and mitigating collision damage. Laser radar can detect near distance with high precision. On the other hand, monocular cameras can detect further, and can recognize not only cars but also white lines and oncoming car lamps.

Toyota Noah embraces important functions like Lane Departure Alert warning system, drive start control, vehicle proximity notification device, emergency brake signal and hill start assist control. S-VSC cooperatively controls steering control, brake control (VSC, ABS), driving force control (VSC, TRC), realizing excellent maneuverability and running stability.


Toyota Noah hybrid comes in 4 beautiful colours.

Namely Black, Platinum Pearl White, Avant Garde Bronze and Silver Metallic.